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For today (sunday) i have been chiong-ing Beyond the Reach of Conscience epi 15-20 and Born Rich epi 15-20. (i don think i can finish till 20 as im still at 18 and its getting late)... So here is some bit of spoilers n reviews...

Beyond the Reach of Conscience

I have done a review for the first few epis here.  I will summarize what is still in my mind till now (it has been covered with Born Rich now...:P)

Tavia, Charmaine, Moses, Selena Story
We can see Tavia and Selena becoming the cocubines of Moses but on the wedding night, he didn't meet with both of them. The next day, Selena thought that Moses has went over to Tavia's residence and slapped her. Tavia remembered this incident and vowed to return back to her. Follow on, there are many disputes between Tavia and Selena, with Selena fighting in the light whereby Tavia in the dark.

At most near the end, Selena thought she was pregnant and got a doctor to check. But instead, she wasn't pregnant, but Tavia got pregnant... (for about awhile only?). She wanted to use the fact that she was pregnant to gain the dowager and emperor's favour. Unfortunately, she fell and lost her baby. She threaten the doctor to hide her pregnancy while she find someone to take the blame.

At this time, Selena's mother wanted to help Selena get pregnant so that she would be in favour again and coincidentally, she bought a voodoo doll back to curse Tavia. On her way to Selena's residence, she fell down and spotted by Tavia's maid. She hurriedly ran off which raise the suspicion of the maid. On returning, the maid told Tavia about the behaviour of Selena's mom and Tavia went down to pay a visit to Selena. During this time, Selena told her mom that its death penalty if they were caught with that and they burn the voodoo doll. When Tavia arrives, Selena ask the maid to throw away the ashes. But the maid was bribed by Tavia to collect the ashes. Tavia notice her birthdate on the voodoo doll and was enraged to know that both mother and daughter are cursing her, and made her lose her baby. Then she hid a voodoo doll in Selena's mom residence and acted pain in front of the dowager to let everyone believe that Selena's mother cursed her and caused her to lose her baby. In the end, Selena's mom was locked up waiting for death. (at this point of time, Selena's dad and god-dad was away.. Therefore no one to help her..)

Susanna & Michelle Yim & the Imperial Bureau

Kara Hui is still trying to sow discord among Susanna & Michelle. At this point, the general (Cheung Kwok Keung) was told about why Susanna didn't meet him 20 years ago and her problems by Charmaine and he finally knew what was going on... Kara still try to put notes to tell the general's wife that they are still together. Ching Hor Wai know all of her niece doing and told her to stop more problems but she still continue.

On the other hand, Hor Wai was planning to retire back in her hometown. She was pretending to be sick all the time so that the dowager would let her go... Actually, she was almost succeeded till Kara told Susanna and Michelle that it was Hor wai's doing that they could not leave the palace (michelle could not meet her sick mother and susanna cannot meet her lover). Hor Wai was agigated and vommit blood. Then she realise that although she was faking sick, she really fell sick and was terminal. She then tell her niece why she had to do all these. (she admit to prevent both of them to leave the palace.)

Charmaine went to the dowager to plead for Hor wai to leave the palace since she doesn't have much time left. Then the dowager let her go, without any possesion and only o leave by the back gate....

Thats about all i remember for BRTC. :)

Born Rich

From end of 14 episode, Kenix went into the hospital for overdose and Ray Lui and his family came back to find Kenix ex boyfriend at their house. Savio (Kenix ex-boyfriend) told Ray about what is happening to Kenix and Ray went to take Kenix out of the hospital. They went for a alone boat ride planned by Jamie's cousin to plot them. Jamie went to tell Kenix father about Kenix coming in between them and her father went to the dock and hit Ray.

Being trapped inbetween the two women, Ray ended taking over Joe's position to go overseas to Mumbai for work. It was near the Lunar New year already and Jamie wanted him to come back home in time for renuion dinner if he still treasure the family. After thinking for some time, Ray called Jamie and inform her of his plan to come back for reunion dinner. Just as they were leaving, a group of rioters came and shot everyone they see. A woman (who is suppose to be Ray's business partner) was shot dead and Ray was held hostage in the hotel.

On the other side, Ray's family was very worried for him but Gallen was worried about the business. he was planning ways to make himself useful at this time. Nancy Sit (Ray's mom) fainted when hearing the news and Kenix wanted to go over to find him, but unfornately was stopped by Jamie. The next morning, Jamie went off to the airport to fly over to Mumbai to find Ray and at the airport, she met Kenix. They both went over to Mumbai and to the hotel. Benz Hui was sent over by Nancy to look after them after some time. Then the hotel exploded. After some clues and a statement from a hotel staff that he helped Ray escaped the hotel before it explode, they waited for Ray's call. Then it flashed to Ray's scene that he was kidnapped as the kidnapper found out that he is wealthy.

The kidnapper called Jamie and asked for a ransom to save Ray. Kenix and Jamie went to pass the ransom money but unfortunately, the car's brake had a problem and kenix jumped and fainted on the street and the car went downhill. Jamie managed to jumped out and find her way to the kidnapper place. She wanted to see Ray and the kidnapper took her to see him. Ray was being tortured in a stone house, being forced to drink tonnes of water and not able to go toilet. Ray was being tramautized at this moment. Jamie then took the kidnappers downhill to find the money. Upon finding the money, Jamie went back to the stone house to find Ray but saw him suffer in shock.

She brought him back from Mumbai back home, but he found out that he couldn't control himself to urinate and have nightmares about being kidnapped. .....

(will update once i finish the other 2 epi to 20 :))

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