Saturday, November 14, 2009

Body Shop Hauls

Winter Hauls v1

Recently i received a letter from Body Shop informing of Star Loyalty having 30% off storewide during this period, and i rush there after work to grabs some loves!

Here are my Hauls!

I think i crossed a certain amount thats why i get the huge bag n the lip stick free on the top right!

i'm a fan for their cranberry (not so die hard) but i just love their Cranberry polish!
My BB is a fan for Satsuma! Da da! two of them!

I always wanted a difusser for my room! Yay!
*I got the last box in the shop!*

Since imma a bling-fan, the nail file is too attractive for me!

Here are some cleanser for my relative and shower gels for my mom!

The free gifts! a lipstick n a case!

The stuffs inside the case! a Mascara, Mango butter, Vit E intense Cream n some
Total Energy Gel n shower gel

Of cause there are others too, but those are gifts! I don wanna spoil anyone yet! will leave that out! Have you started hauling? :D

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