Friday, November 20, 2009


This post is for those who really wanna know what happened between ELF and us!

We have been getting ELF from *******  and selling at a low rate than others, even ELF asia webbie and i think it caught their attention.

Firstly they started with an email about asking where i got my products. I bet i'm an idiot to reply that bitch. First few emails were polite and nice, and therefore, i gave in. She requested me to change the pricing because she is afraid that it will confuse her customers (I bet she is saying that i'm snatching her customers). I replied to her nicely saying that i will adjust the pricing so that it will be fair to her and me. She gave me about 5 days to alter as i have listings in my web, Gmarket etc. And just because they are the sole distributor in Asia, their "pattern" starts. ( a f* distributor with not a full line of their products?)

After that was done, if i remembered correctly, it was on a weekend and they start saying that i need to take down all my listing within like 4 hours? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SOLE DISTRIBUTOR And the irritating thing is that they are threatening me with legal letters if i do not.

And they started flooding my mail with many legal reasons and highlighting the point that they are the sole distributor! (i should highlight that they are sole-distributor without the full range!) During that time, i got so pissed off that i told them that i could not take down the whole site with such a pathetic time! In the end, i decided to hide all my listings by the next night.

If you need people to do something, ASK nicely! Nothing will comes out by threatening! We did not say that we will not listen to you, but it is you who threaten us first.


Now, they still keep flooding me! Just f*ing tell me what to do?! I can say my range are far larger than theirs and cheaper! A company with people of 20 or less, with nothing much to do and track all blogshops?

I would not disclose what my next action would be but for those who support, u can drop me a mail (you should know) so that i can keep an update.

I can vow that even next time i need ELF products, I would not even buy from them! I would rather pay and get from US instead from some rude company!

Don't need help me advertise their evil side. Later they email me say i deframe them! Muahahaha.

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