Monday, July 18, 2011


PreVView is a new interactive way to submit your resume not in the form of papers, but in a video.

Prevview is the first portal in Asia to utilize Visumés – Video Resumes - in an interactive manner that breaks the barrier between employers and jobseekers.
With a louder than paper approach; Prevview exemplifies the next big thing in the HR industry. We create a professional platform that allows jobseekers to differentiate themselves not merely on paper, but in a more insightful and expressive manner on video, allowing them to get talent spotted by their dream employers across various dimensions – locally and abroad. Additionally, employers can save time, money and hassle by pre-screening potential candidates, before investing in a face-to-face interview.

I went to check out this website and it is really unique! I have seen some of the videos of people trying to express themselves in the video, rather than in paper which is really good! 

What do you think of doing a visume instead of a resume?

visit PreVVIew's website to check them out!
Check out their facebook page here

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