Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion

One of the newest range in Hada Labo is the new Hada Labo’s Lifting & Firming Range, In red color!

It comes with 3 premium and potent ingredients: Vitamin A Re9nol, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Hada Labo’s signature ingredient, Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA), to restore youthful bounciness for your skin.

Hada Labo’s Lifting & Firming Range stays true to its PERFECT X SIMPLE brand philosophy -­‐ using only the finest and purest ingredients without unnecessary additives, colorant, alcohol, fragrances and mineral oils. There are 5 products in the new range:

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion (170ml, S$25.90)

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Essence (30g, S$34.90)

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Milk (140ml, S$25.90)

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Cream (50g, S$28.90)

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Mask (20ml x 4, S$23.90)

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion
This toner evens skin texture with Retinol Vitamin A that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, collagen that improves skin elasticity for firmer and more lift in your skin, and Super Hyaluronic Acid that instantly locks in moisture for intense hydration!

The texture of the liquid is the same as the original Hada labo lotion. Once applied, it does feel sticky but after some time, my skin do feel moisturized and supple. It does not contain any fragrance.

I have been trying out this for the past week for my morning (i minimize my morning skincare routine to this and a sunblock) and it works well for me. No breakouts, and makeup can be applied easily.

The lifting & firming range come with collagen and vitamin A retinol which helps me start my anti-aging skincare regime early. I would recommend this to those who have not tried Hada Labo lotion yet. They are really good :)

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*Item is a press sample sent to me for reviewing.*

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