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Mentholatum Acnes and other stuffs

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Oily skin, Acnes are all so common in our sunny island and we are never acne-free (maybe for me). To say the truth, i don't have 1 skincare regime, I rotate all the stuffs i have, therefore, i have too many unfinished skincare products and here is another set to add on.

I started to use this set of Mentholatum Acnes facial wash and facial gel when i have some breakouts last week. Might be due to stress or maybe some makeup which i'm still not sure yet.

Acnes Creamy Face Wash

 "Removes Excess sebum and keeps your skin soft & moist. mild and non-irritating creamy wash for daily use to effectively prevent pimples.

My Review
I kind of like this creamy wash as i love the feeling of touching my face after using it. My skin feel soft and refreshed. It foams well and easy to clean off.  I try to avoid to use it too often as i find it quite harsh for my combi-dry skin. My skin get oily only when i'm outside. and I don't like the scent of this facial wash though.

Sealing Gel

This is a off-white gel which helps to treat acnes. It feels sticky when first applied but get better after a while. Instead of using on the whole face, i use it on my areas where there are pimples and it works. Similar to the creamy wash, i don't really like the scent.

Overall, I think that it is a bit strong/harsh on my face but does well on oily skin. I would definitely prefer the sealing gel as it works for my pimples. If you would like to try, thesamplestore is giving away the free acnes samples. You may view below for the link.

Redeem your FREE Acnes samples here: or

My Fuwarie giveaway have finally ended. The winner for the giveaway is:

Jien Kuah

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I received this from Shopping District. My current favourite nude palette <3 They currently only ship in SG. Do visit them!

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