Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bright and Brighter!

I was very busy for the past week and this week and the stress was getting up to me, and i guess that's what happen with my makeup.

They get brighter =P

I always think bright makeup cheers me up especially when i work late into the night. Finally, all is going to be over pretty soon! <3

Here are some EOTDs i did last week :)

Brands of Eyeshadows used

  • Sugarpill (Royal)

  • GlamourdollEyes (Purple and Blue)

  • Sleek Acid Palette (the green EOTD)


Which is your favourite? ♥

I'm still trying out different color combinations, any reccomendations?


I'm going to Raymond Lam's concert on Saturday! So excited!

and finalize my travel plans this week too! I'm still deciding between Japan and Korea. My mom wants to go Korea, I guess i'm heading there. :) I might be booking another one to Japan for end of the year! *wishing*

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