Monday, August 16, 2010

I got shot!

This is the continue part of "I committed suicide". if you have not see, please drop by that post! :D As usual, if you can't stand gory pictures, please stop :D but i think the picture is too funny instead of scary :D

(shot in the head and chest)

full view! (injured in head, chest left arm and left leg) 
* i know i look fat :(*

I'm too tired to edit more photos but its about like this. This marks the end of scary photos (dead photos) till halloween comes or after i buy the blood and makeup :) I still have a some witch photos coming up :)

Im loving special effects! :D

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~Lisa on 18 August, 2010 06:52 said...

PRO!!! This looks so real and it's kind of funny how you're all smiley and cute looking with all those 'injuries' LOL, and you are SOO not fat!!! You look gorgeous!

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