Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dollywink Eyeliner vs KPalette Eyeliner

I have been away from this blog for quite some time due to some personal problems and many commitments recently and i'm feeling really tired! I really miss the blogging world and of cause, the blogging babes too! :D

Currently i have 2 "almost similar" eyeliner which are dollywink and K-Palette and here is more information about them :)


Dollywink design is definitely more kawaii(cute) and prettier than the normal black packaging for K-Palette


Dollywink is priced at around SGD$25 and K-Palette is at about SGD19. K-Palette is cheaper!


In terms of pen size, they are about the same.




Dollywink seems to be more define that kpalette and Kpalette looks thicker. Picture on top is 2 application of liner and 1 application on the right.

KPalette seems to have a "spring" cap which seems unique! :D


(left: Kpalette, Right: Dollywink)

I applied both eyeliners on my arm and ran a cotton pad filled with remover over it. KPalette seems hard to remove where dollywink can be removed easily.

Hope this helps you on choosing which eyeliner you like! :)

5 comments on "Dollywink Eyeliner vs KPalette Eyeliner"

Ri-chan said...

woooohhh nice reviews.... =) I'm using dollywnk which i feel its easy to apply and easy to remove. yet to try Kpalette though.

coffretgorge said...

nice comparison! i also have the dollywink liner in black, i've been using it almost everyday! :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Looks like K-Palette is better :D

~Lisa said...

Great post! However, both cannot be purchased where I live =(


Life Spice said...

thanks for the review. i have the Kpalette liner but the dollywink looks so cute! might as well check that out

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