Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shopping and Hauls

I'm leaving a small post here to show that i'm still around after being hiatus for so long :)

I miss blogging and you guys! <3

I have been busy this whole time and being tired ever since my granny entered the hospital. It's a strain for my whole family visiting the hospital now and then and of cause, with the strict limitation in the hospital which i don't want to think about it.

I did some shopping over last weekend, small but expensive. The bf bought me a new Samantha Thavasa wallet and a card case (for my door card, ezlink). I like to hang it on my neck as i can lose my cards like a few times in a year if i put them in my bag. T.T

and we were the first few shoppers of the day to spend over a certain amount of money (we were shopping in the morning), we get to go up IonSky for free ;)

We took a special lift up to the 55th floor in Ion and since it was a morning, there wasn't much people :)

Orchard Road

Marina Bay Sands

View down from top. I didnt know there is a pool in Ion.

Will be back to blogging some small hauls i bought pretty soon!

Thanks for visiting!

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