Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

I have been wearing too many color lens recently and i decide to try back brown color which i loved lots before. I decided to get Princess Mimi in Chocolate brown instead of gray :)

I had a lot of problem putting on this pair for the first try as it hurts my eyes really badly and i decided to take out after about five minutes. I actually thought it is a faulty pair of lens and decide to soak it again for 2 whole days before trying it back on. I was thinking if it fails, i'm gonna give up on it, but luckily, it was alright! :)

Only pair of Mimi lens is faulty :(  (Taken with instagram)

It wasn't really comfortable wearing this at first but it was alright as it goes on. I find that i can only wear this for not more than 10 hours and i can feel my eyes getting dry. I try to avoid wearing when i'm going out late. But it is really pretty. The enlargement factor is there and it is not obvious, feels very natural.

I love the design of the lens, It's very different from the usual tri tone which i always wear. 



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