Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little update

I have been slacking off on blogging cos I'm so packed this month!

Firstly, I'm so happy to bring up the new design for SD! you can view it here.

After that was done, my terror comes! Loads of projects came flooding in and I'm so drained out!

*okay, i should stop using exclamation mark(!)*

Let me split them!


I went for the Twilight Marathon at GV Marina and got off the theatre at 12 midnight plus. Movie was okay, but I didn't get any nanchos for the 2nd movie and am feeling uber down when watching while my "neighbours" are happily munching on them. Anyway, Taylor Lautner is hawt! (yeaps! I switched sides) but watching loads of their interviews, can i switch sides again? I'm attracted to Kellan Lutz! Next movie, Storm Warriors II!

Other than movies, I'm watching series like Beyond the Realm of Conscience (finished that), True Blood 2 (Halfway through), Born Rich (Halfway too) and some random old movies like Storm Warriors I etc. Don't ask me how i can watch so many at a time, but i can! Ask me to run a marathon, you might as well kill me, i would succeed if its a series marathon! HAHA.

Besides these happy stuffs, I have been to the dental recently many times to fix lotsa stuffs! *shudders* I don't wanna remember anymore!! Glad BB is there with me for all the trips!


But I'm so busy recently! I will be going over JB this weekend for a new hairdo (new haircolor & haircut). I will be bringing my netbook over but i think i can only use at night. Next week I'm going over KL for a wedding with my company! Will update with wedding pictures when i'm back by then. I'm so excited. For once in so long, cosmetics contact lenses, falsies, makeup.

* I'm controlling hard on the !

The year is ending soon, i need to start soon on my 2010 resolutions! Driving? Degree? Ouch, i really hate touching back the books!

Okay, I'm gonna stop updating a bit here! Recently updated on Home Inn in Facebook. Have you all tried it?

No more playing! start working!

P.S since after SD new design, i do not have much inspiration, i might as well work on this blog spring design! Will start thinking!

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