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Beyond the realm of conscience ending

Finally i have finished the whole series, and Tavia's acting is nice! Especially the part with her and General Ma, her expression is strong and attractive!
Overall, I can only say that i'm not a fan of charmaine with Kevin. it's too much like 法政先锋2. So, when she is crying, the expressions are too much of the same! Therefore, there is no negative feeling for me!

And just like others, "Why do Moses ending have to be like this?!" Maybe the producer wants to promote Kevin and Charmaine together, bur Charmaine and Moses also look good together~

For those who have watched, you should know that Charmaine met Moses when they are young, and they are 'supposed' to end up together! (like other series?)

Anyway, it's kinda of a happy ending (not for Moses!) and Tavia didn't end up dead! I would not rewatch it as i feel that it's draggy and i do not really fancy ancient series.

I would be nice and spoil all of you! Don't read if you do not want to spoil yourself!

  • Selena Li (Concubine Yin) was killed by Tavia when she forced her to drink the poison to drop her baby.
  • Kevin was assasinated by General Ma (Lee Kwok Lun)  troop and jumped down to cliff.
  • Charmaine was pregnant and found out by General Ma because Tavia sent a secret note to him
  • Charmaine was made Concubine Tak by Moses in order to protect her.
  • Moses went out to seek help from another prince to defeat General Ma.
  • Before Moses left, He left the Emperor seal with Charmaine.
  • General Ma wanted to kill Moses off but he lit a bomb and General ran off thinking Moses is dead in the explosion.
  • Emperor seek help from Prince and willing to give up the throne to the prince.
  • General Ma took Emperor's place in the morning assembly.
  • Tavia start to posion Empress Dowager (Mary Hon) to gain power.
  • Tavia's plot was found out by General Ma after General Ma forced and kill the doctor that work for Tavia and they start to act together.
  • Empress Dowager was getting more and more sick and Tavia sent her off to another palace to be isolated.
  • Charmaine came out to save the empress dowager and took over the assembly with the seal.
  • Charmaine ordered Tavia never to get near the Empress Dowager but she visit her at night and killed her.
  • Charmaine came to look for the dowager in the morning to find her dead. Tavia knocked charmaine unconscious and accused her of killing the dowager.
  • General Ma wanted to kill Charmaine but didn't get the chance as she is pregnant with "prince".
  • Emperor came back and defeat General's Ma troop and General Ma wanted to run away.
  • Tavia begged General Ma to bring her away too as she has killed the dowager, General Ma refused and slapped her. Tavia was so angry and stabbed General Ma to death.
  • Tavia wanted to gain credit for killing off General Ma and order Yoyo (her maid) to poison Charmaine to get rid of her. yoyo did not add poison to Charmaine's food and switched sides.
  • Charmaine confronted Tavia and Tavia admit that she indirectly kill her mother (she was the one who look at the headpiece and accidentally drip wax on the headpiece).
  • Moses came in and wanted to kill Tavia. Charmaine asked Moses not to kill her and Tavia was banned to the Cold Palace till she dies.
  • Tavia told Charmaine that even she do so much evil deeds, she still does not need to die. (I think she went totally insane by this part).
  • Charmaine asked the Emperor to let her go back to her hometown to wait for Kevin
  • Suddenly, she was walking with her daughter and met Kevin on the street (Kevin seems to have lost his memories)
Susanna & Michelle
  • Susanna told Vin that she was his mother and was overheard by Tavia. Tavia wanted to kill her but Charmaine came in to stop her.
  • After a test was done, Vin was not Susanna's child. Michelle then told Susanna that Ram Chiang (Bu gong gong) had left her child at a clinic.
  • Charmaine grant Susanna to leave the palace to be with General Man to find their kid.
  • Michelle remain in the palace.
  • Susanna found her kid working in a clinic, married and wife is pregnant.
Thats about it! I think i did still miss out some details here and there :P

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